Living farm

A living farm brings back life. It is a place where you can live in abundance. Abundance of food, water, healing energy, nature, a healthy living environment and knowledge that enriches. It is a place that inspires, incites people to think differently and shows solutions to current social challenges.

The living farm encourages you to take matters into your own hands. It is important to regain our creative power in collaboration with nature. It provides new insights. Especially the insight that the earth provides into abundance and how we can increase our life energy and thought speed to achieve great creative power. How healthy food, drinking energetic water, clean air and our contact with nature influence our thought speed and consciousness. The consequences of “thoughtlessness” are abundantly visible in the world around us. The living farm shows how we can regain our original life force by consuming food and water with a Bovis value of at least 9,000. As a reference: on average our food has a Bovis value of 4,000 and processed food only 200. Compared to 100 years ago, our food has lost 95% of its vitamins and minerals. The insights from the living farm literally bring us 'back to life'.

She is the starting point of a loving world that shares in abundance and a flywheel to help the current world recover its original life force more quickly. The life farm is self-sufficient, has a food forest, grows its own organic food, provides clean energetic water, generates its own energy, is off-grid and built from sustainable materials. It embraces various domains that work together in the areas of food, health, knowledge and development, energy solutions, innovative techniques, sustainable materials and regional economy.

The living farm provides concrete and inspiring examples to people, governments, administrators, companies and decision makers on how to generate loving and energetic life without exploiting and polluting the earth. In addition to information, it also provides education to others who are inspired to do the same.

Food forest garden
A food garden is being created next to and around the farm, where you can learn about edible (medicinal) plants, shrubs and trees. The garden shows how to restore nature and work with it instead of against it. A food forest garden that generates food year round without the use of pesticides, while reducing biodiversity. Food from a food forest also provides ten times more vitamins and minerals. Not only because no artificial fertilizers and pesticides have been used, but because tree roots are much thicker, extend deeper into the ground and can therefore absorb more vitamins and minerals from the soil than regular agriculture.

Social challenges
The living farm shows a wealth of solutions for current social challenges. Think of about 30 innovative off-grid energy solutions that are more efficient and cleaner than solar panels and wind turbines. Sustainable building materials and innovative construction techniques such as 3D printing with soil, calcite, algae, mycelium and even cow dung (doesn't stink!) will help accelerate sustainable innovation in construction. Printing with soil is so durable, clean, reusable and just as strong as concrete that it can completely replace polluting concrete and cement will no longer be necessary in the future. Moreover, farmers will have a much better revenue model if they start growing flax, hemp and elephant grass. Not only because hemp cleans the polluted soil, but also because these are the new sustainable bio composite building materials of the future.

Innovation hub

Love is the starting point. Love for mother earth to restore biodiversity and for people to show how you can lovingly treat the earth and at the same time produce an abundance of healthy food for your body.

The farmhouse with a pyramid shaped roof, just like the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun, becomes a life energy generator with a vitalizing and healing effect on people, animals and plants. Rock crystals in agricultural land mineralize the soil and increase the Bovis value of the food. The farm is equipped with innovations such as plants, algae and mosses that produce electrically charged particles that can be used to generate electricity. The kitchen floor is made of eggshells, the shed is 3D printed with algae, the bathroom floor is made of mussel granules, the lampshades are made of mycelium and tables are made of cattails. Each wall, corner, floor or piece of furniture is made of a different sustainable material or developed with an innovative technique. 
There is no need for a sewer, because cooking is done with gas from food waste and feces. The rainwater is collected through the roof and energetically charged with a vortex, so that our immune system gets a boost.

The goal of the self-sufficient farm is to show the general public and farmers what innovative possibilities there are to live and farm differently. A way that is much more profitable than the current farming, takes much less time, generates much more yield, is much better for the soil and groundwater and is much healthier for people, animals and the environment.

The second goal of the self-sufficient farm is to use it as an innovation center to help make construction of buildings more sustainable with bio-based materials and innovative techniques such as 3D printing, scanning and robotics. Currently, the construction sector mainly uses wood as a sustainable building material. With the rising price of wood and the felling of trees, which we desperately need to absorb nitrogen, wood is not really
a sustainable solution.

The farm as an innovation hub shows that there are numerous other sustainable bio based materials and techniques for building and furnishing houses. In addition, natural products such as hemp or wool walls ensure a much healthier living environment. These walls can insulate naturally, absorb moisture and improve air quality. This is much healthier than the plaster walls we now live among.
A number of sustainable materials and techniques are shown on the next page. We also focus on electroculture (using electrical and magnetic growth force); sacred geometry for food forest and construction (energetic vortex force that promotes growth and healing); rock crystals and rocks for mineralizing and purifying the soil; pyramid energy and terra preta for growing healthy food and energetic vortex water that boosts our immune system and ensures that plants no longer need pesticides.

Become a partner

When you become a partner, you help to build a new world. One where people get the possibility to eat much healthier food which boosts the immune system and halves healthcare costs. Moreover, the soil becomes our medicine, farmers gain a better life, get more appreciation and help restore our nature.

The advantages at a glance:
- You help grow healthy food: Bovis value 9,000
- You help to give farmers a new existence
- You help to clean the soil free of pesticides
- You help restore biodiversity with food forests
- You help to show how to produce clean energy
- You help to show how you can live a self-sufficient life
- You help create energetic water for people/animals/plants
- You help to accelerate sustainable innovation in construction
- You help to restore people's vitality
- You help to halve healthcare costs

What do you get in return?
We are in the process of acquiring land with a farm that needs to be restored in the North of Holland near Amsterdam. The farm is being renovated with sustainable materials and energy solutions. You can participate in the purchase of the land and real estate, book a workshop and/or book an overnight stay or invest your free time in setting up and running the living farm. 

- You can participate in the purchase of the plot and farm
- You can participate in growing food
- You can register for workshops, training and lectures

Which workshops can you expect from us?
Think of 3D printing with sustainable materials, off-grid living, food forest course, permacuture, electroculture, natural farming, creating raised garden beds, making energetic water, the power of sacred geometry, learning from medicinal plants, restoring the soil with compost, terra preta, rock crystals and much more. The workshops will be listed on the website in due course.

Important to know
We use a construction whereby the land and farm can no longer be sold. The earth is owned by itself. We may use it (with great thanks to the earth) to live in abundance. Everyone who invests receives a certain return, products from the ground, the opportunity to follow a workshop and be the first to learn about all game-changing innovations.

If you would like to be kept informed about progress or would like to participate in the living farm yourself, sign up for the newsletter by registering via the email address (see contact below).

About us

Our mission is to bring people back to their primal life force with healthy food and high Bovis value, clean air and energetic water that increases people's immune system and generates a pleasant living environment for people, animals and nature.

The result is that people's thought speed and awareness increases, allowing us to think critically again, take matters into our own hands and act thoughtfully. The living farm is based on the ideas of Anastasia, a book series consisting of nine parts. Anastasia has a vision for the earth and humanity by creating one-hectare family estates, where people can live in abundance. Abundance means freedom to live independently of the system. According to her, the current system is no longer sufficient. The living farm functions as a flywheel to spark a new world. And it doesn't stop at one living farm either. Several will emerge, which will strengthen and support each other and each specialize in certain (innovative) techniques and combine these with old crafts.


Do you have questions about the farm or would you like to participate?
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